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the benchmark in protein purity

Autoantigens & Neutrophil Markers

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Why choose New Zealand sourced products?
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AROTEC products in academia

Dedicated to creating the purest diagnostic reagents

Our antigens are of the highest purity with great lot-to-lot consistency. 

The minimum specification for our autoantigens is 90% Purity. Often the final product approaches 99% purity. We achieve this through meticulous refinement of the final product and sourcing the highest quality raw materials.
All our native autoantigens (Ro(SSA), Scl-70, GBM etc) are extracted from the tissue of animals that are exclusively of New Zealand origin. Human blood fractions are obtained from certified blood centers with complete donor traceability and serology for our native human antigens (Beta-2-Glycoprotein 1, Proteinase 3, Myeloperoxidase etc). All recombinant antigens are produced in-house and undergo the same stringent testing as our native antigens (dsDNA, tTG, LC1).

AROTEC Diagnostics
AROTEC have been producing and supplying premium reagents to the diagnostic industry since our incorporation in 1996
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