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New Zealand Origin material

All AROTEC products are exclusively of New Zealand origin
What does this mean for our customers?
Internationally, New Zealand has been recognised as the world’s premier source of animal sera and animal protein products by the biotechnology industry. This is in part due to New Zealand’s geographical and biological isolation along with strict border security and agricultural restrictions. Renowned for its high level of husbandry, animal care and protected environment all produce is of the highest quality with a global export reach.

We have a long history of supplying premium antigens to both the research and diagnostic markets. Ease of access to export markets has been core to ensuring customers globally have chosen our company as their primary source of proteins.
Absence of specified animal diseases
New Zealand is classified as being free from List A of animal diseases by the office International des Epizooites (OIE) as well as being recognised by the USDA-APHIS for the non-existence of Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE), foot-and-mouth disease, scrapie and numerous other significant animal diseases.

New Zealand animals comprise a genetically well-defined and healthy herd. Organs harvested from these animals constitute homogenous raw material resulting in the purification of premium reagents for the autoimmune market. This is evident from our ability to achieve excellent lot-to-lot consistency from all our animal sourced antigens.
MPI regulation and enforcement ensures complete traceability of our products from finished material right back to original herd source, offering easy access to international markets due to our trusted and reputable exporting criteria. Coupled with New Zealand’s disease free status, our products comply to most countries importation requirements providing our customers with a readily available source of animal derived antigens.
Human sourced products
All material sourced for production of human derived native antigens are sourced from reputable donor centres offering full serological testing and traceability back to individual donors.

Who regulates this industry?

The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) is the regulatory authority governing New Zealand’s stringent regulations and they are responsible for actively monitoring animal pest and diseases status. MPI provides trusted assurances to importing countries that our products meet their requirements. AROTEC Diagnostics is an MPI-registered exporter of New Zealand animal products as well as being an MPI-approved and audited Scientific Material Operator further elucidating our commitment to providing quality products. View the current MPI statement regarding the absence of specified animal disease from New Zealand here.

AROTEC Diagnostics
AROTEC have been producing and supplying premium reagents to the diagnostic industry since our incorporation in 1996
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