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AROTEC Autoantigen Standards


AROTEC autoantigens exhibit a minimum specification of >90% purity, often approaching >99% purity. This is achieved through our high-resolution chromatographic techniques and meticulous “polishing” of our final products. Our reagents are virtually free of contaminating substances giving your assays a very low background signal.


Our highly active autoantigens can be used at very low concentrations in ELISA, down to 10-100ng/well, offering a cost effective source for your diagnostic needs. Both linear and conformation-dependent autoantibody epitopes are detected with high sensitivity.


Utilising native sourced material where possible ensures your reagents have the correct post-translational processing along with the correct tertiary and quaternary structure. In some assays this is essential for the detection of conformation-dependent autoantibodies. Our human neutrophil purified autoantigens offer the most authentic autoantibody targets. Animal sourced autoantigens also possess structure authenticity with an extremely homologous primary sequence to the human counterparts.



Using active immunoabsorption procedures, result in our highly pure products being highly specific, by removing potentially interfering components where necessary. Strict quality control measures ensures our products are free of other proteins which could lead to false positive results.


Consistency of lots is of utmost importance. Our strictly qualified native raw materials provide a reliable and reproducible source material. Validated production processes are subjected to continuous in-process quality control resulting in the consistent high-end product produced at AROTEC. Each new lot is rigorously tested to ensure they conform our internal gold-standard references.


Homogenous autoantigen aggregation states are essential for many immunoassay applications. Native source materials ensure that authentic multimeric and quaternary structures are maintained and inappropriate protein aggregation is avoided.

Bulk volumes

AROTEC produces autoantigen lots from analytical (a few milligrams) to bulk (approaching grams) amounts. Large lot sizes eliminate the need for customers to continuously qualify new lots during production. Product lots can be reserved for established customers and held under storage in our remotely monitored ultra-low temperature freezers.


Except under exceptional circumstances we maintain high inventory levels of our complete product range thereby ensuring prompt delivery. Pilot samples from multiple lots can be supplied to established customers, for evaluation and qualification.

Patent immunity

Investigators planning to use recombinant autoantigens in a commercial situation will need to consider that many stages of recombinant protein production and application which can be subject to patent protection. Native autoantigens are prepared using proprietary technology that does not expose the end user to patent issues.


Excellent quality doesn’t mean that a product is unaffordable! AROTEC will make every effort to supply to you at competitive prices to ensure you can avail of the best quality autoantigens for your immunological requirements.
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