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Native - Human Leukocytes
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Protein S100
Migration inhibitory factor-related protein (MRP)
Uniprot ID:  P06702  P05109
mRNA RefSeq:  NM_002965 NM_002964
Protein RefSeq:  NP_002956 NP_002955
Calprotectin is an important calcium signalling protein involved in wound healing. A complex of both MRP14 and MRP8, calprotectin plays a role in vascular inflammation and leukocyte recruitment. The complex is a calcium and zinc- binding protein that represents 60% of cytosolic proteins of granulocytes. Classed as a damage associated molecular pattern marker it displays antimicrobial protective properties.

Extracellular release of calprotectin during cell damage/stress can be used as a marker for intestinal inflammation. There is growing evidence that faecal calprotectin correlates with mucosal disease activity which can be utilised as a monitoring response to relapse and treatments in inflammatory bowel disease. Measuring the concentration of calprotectin in faeces is an indirect measure of neutrophil infiltrate in the bowel mucosa.

AROTEC Diagnostics' Calprotectin is seen as a ~48kDa heterotetramer based on the size-exclusion profile observed.

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Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)
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